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We Bring Comfort To Your Business


Integrated Pest Management

We provide routine spray appointments to avoid any possible infestations

Restaurant Pest Control

Crumbs and left overs often attract insects, we protect your restaurant
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Comprehensive Pest Removal

Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Ensure your business keeps moving. Whether you work in hospitality or an office. A bug-free office is a functional business. Keep your employees away from harm, keep the safe and ensure peace of mind with Safe Plus Pest Control.

We visit and provide frequent pest control sessions (frequency dependant on location) as well as provide emergency pest removal services.

We deal with all kinds of pests & predators.


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Fill out the form on this page with as much information as you can to get a detailed quote.

We will get back to you within 48 hours. Please keep in mind this form is only inteded for commercial property and long-term routine pest control solutions.

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